• Insertion in the Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea De Agostini 2020
    In the Atlas the greatest artists active from 1950 to 2019 are treated, The volume then provides the artist contemporary the faculty of historicizing and making its own path encyclopedic.


  • Insertion in the Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea De Agostini 2018.
    This prestigious volume has the task of offering a careful and detailed guide to the artistic panorama contemporary Italian, constituting, on a regional, provincial and municipal scale, a real map of the best talents.
    “This book is about those who managed to make it, about those painters, sculptors and photographers who entered history” (Il
    Tempo, February 15, 2019)


  • May- July: Participant Exhibition Probiennale (Scuola San Teodoro) in  Venice and exhibition art intern. (Palazzo Leti Sansi) in Spoleto with Spoleto Arte – Venice-Awarding of Prize Canaletto for artistic merits
  • September: Participant Art Kremlin 2018(Museum Vernadsky)- Moscow
  • October: Participant in exhibition Arthill Gallery-Farini – London
  • November: Participant in exhibition Padiglione Europa – Venice – Career Award


  • February – March: Individual Exhibit, Palace Zenobio Venice
  • February – March: Individual Exhibit, Contemporary Art Gallery “Studio C”, Piacenza
  • March – April: She will participate in exhibition Triennale Roma (in Vittoriano) – Roma
  • December: Participant  in exhibition Miami meets Milano (Hotel Victor) – Miami


  • April: Participant in exhibit Russian Art Week (Artist’s Palace)- Moscow  (3° prize in classical painting)
  • June – August: Participant in exhibition ITALIART (Chamber of Commerce) – Moscow
  • November – December 2016: She will participate in exhibition in Altes Rathaus (Italian Cultural Institute) – Stuttgart


  • January: Participant in Biennale Internazionale d’arte Palermo
  • April:  Participant in Bienal de Arte Barcelona (MEAM)
  • July: Participant in Rassegna “Grazie Italia”- 56 Biennale Venezia- Padiglione Nat. Guatemala and Grenada- Officina delle Zattere
  • November: Participant in Exhibit “(Self)Portraits – Cypress College Art Gallery, Los Angeles


  • February: Participant in Biennale internationale della creatività- Verona (Palaexpo)


  • july: Dna Galerie – Berlin
  • December: Individual Exhibit, Soiano del Lago (Brescia) by invitation of the Municipality


  • May: “Earth Vortices” Castello Estense,  Ferrara
  • June: Participant in Galleria Agostiniana Roma (special recognition)


  • August – Ottobre:  Individual Exhibit, Monaco, France
  • December: Partcipant in the prestigious Biennale 2011, Florence, Italy


  • January: Ottava Biennale D’Arte Internazionale di Roma (Sale del Bramante) Jury Prize
  • December: Individual Exhibit, Galleria Il Trittico, Rome, Italy


  • October: Selected artist to partcipate in the prestigious VIII Biennale Internazionale di Arte Moderna 2010 Rome, Italy
  • October: Participant in the 1° Concorso Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea (GEMLUC) in Monte-Carlo and wins the Public Prize


  • September: Participant in the competition Chateau des Reaux. Her paint is selected to start a gallery of Contemporary Art


  • June: Individual Exhibit, Kursaal Gallery, Abano Terme, Padua, Italy


  • May: Salon d’Art, Parc Floral (Cercle des Artistes), Paris, France
  • June: Roquebrune Cap Martin, France, Invited Guest


  • April: 8° Pictura Aurélia, (Internazional salon), Menton, France
  • June: Salon d’Art, Parc Floral (Cercle des Artistes), Paris, France
  • September: 15° Salon du Grand Format, Paris, France
  • November: 12° Salon du Petit Format, Paris, France


  • March:  Salon des Artistes Indépandants, Paris, France
  • May: 7° Pictura Aurélia 2004 (International Exhibit), Menton, France). Special Recognition from the Jury
  • May: Salon d’Art, Parc Floral (Cercle des Artistes), Paris, France
  • October: “Ex Macello” (Dolo, Venice, Italy) 8° Place and Special Recognition from the Jury
  • December: Eloge du Petit Format dans l’Art d’aujourd’hui, Centre Peugeot, Paris, France
  • December:  Carrousel du Louvre (SNBA), Paris, France


  • March: Individual Exhibit Roquebrune-Cap Martin by invitation of the Municipality
  • October: Trophée d’or  International Salon, St. Jean Cap Ferrat, France (First Prize, Still Life)

Gallery of Meetings

Carla Moiso with Gianni Dunil, art director and art critic

Carla Moiso with Daniele Radini Tedeschi, art critic and with Dr. Stefania Pieralice, curator of contemporary art

Carla Moiso with the renowned art critic Achille Bonito Oliva at the Rome triennial 2017

Carla Moiso with the Career Award

Carla Moiso with the famous singer-songwriter, showman Renzo Arbore